Welcome to our conveyancing services website page. We appreciate you visiting us and would like to provide you with some information regarding our services in this aspect and about the conveyancing process .

When you instruct us to act for you we will send you a welcome pack which will enclose our original quotation which may have been appended with any extra facts and fees that we always have discussed with you prior to you instructing us.

Initially we will have provided you with a clear and easily understandable  quotation which would have detailed all the aspects of charge that were initially felt as applicable to your case and any commissions or rechargeable fees will have been included as disclosed items. Clarity, satisfaction and professionalism is our game and we strive to be the best at it.

For speed and efficiency we prefer to do as much as we can electronically as it is the best and most modern way. So upon instructing us, which is done by clicking a link within the quote we send you, we will send you our documents detailed above and a payment request link which will enable you to pay our deposit by Paypal or debit/creditcard. We have to incurr a certain amount of costs immediately and this is why we request a deposit from you to pay for those items such as Searches (if you are a purchaser).

Once we receive payment of your deposit we will order your Searches through special software which will enable us to receive returns within a couple of hours. We get notified that the searches are back by email and we usually deal with the reading and inspection of these within an hour of receipt so we endeavour to deal with this aspect within a 12 hour turnaround. We cannot always do much to hurry up the solicitors acting for the other party unless they are known to us and we have dealt with them favourably in the past, but hopefully they are as on the ball as we are and will be able to send us a contract of sale electronically too so we can waste no time in checking that it is acceptable for purpose as an instrument of sale and transfer of the land or property under consideration.

At the time of requesting searches we also write to the seller directly, electronically if possible, and we send out the enquiries form as an e-questionnaire once again minimising any possible delays.

We also set up an online portal for you which is your own personal communication hub with us where we will provide access to all important documentation needed in support of your case.

All our staff are trained to be IT proficient and we replace our hardware systems every three years unfailingly in order that we are using the most reliable and fastest hardware of the day. We also are avid subscribers to the Microsoft 365 platform which ensures that we have the most up to date and legal software available. thanks to concessions from HMRC tax incentives IT expenditure is 100% deductable as a first year allowance so we take advantage of this and reinvest in the best technology knowing that any failure in this aspect fails you our valued client which is unacceptable to us.