Welcome To Law Maxwell – Commercial Conveyancing

Welcome to Law Maxwell – a website dedicated to the subject of commercial conveyancing. As some of you know, I’ve wrapped up my business, but I thought I’d keep this website going as a useful resource… but…

It seems that getting time to work on my website is proving to be a bit of an impossibility at the moment. Life is very busy, and my workload is crazy.

If you’re looking for a good commercial conveyancing quotation then, for now, I will recommend http://www.equoteconveyancing.co.uk/commercial.

This is a new service I’ve found – and despite the slightly loud appearance of the website – the quotations are excellent (inasmuch as they are detailed, and of a fixed price). I cannot give any feed back regarding the solicitors, as I have personally never used them, but they are well known and well established firms.

Calculating a fixed-price quotation for commercial conveyancing is quite a tricky business – but the equoteconveyancing.co.uk website really goes into some depth on the questions that it asks – meaning that it can calculate a really accurate quotation, which is unusual in the sector.

Anyway – I’d better get back to my massive pile of paperwork and get some of it cleared before more comes in to replace!!!

I hope to get some time to work on this site a bit more soon.

William Maxwell